Agriculture in Pakistan
Agriculture in Pakistan

Agriculture in Pakistan

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Significance. Overview.

Agricultural accounted for 18.9 percent of the gross Domestic product (GDP) in 2017-18 and is a source of livelihood of 42.3 percent of rural population.

Majority of the population directly or indirectly, is dependent on this sector as it accounts for 45 percent of employed labor force and is the largest source of foreign exchange earnings.

Arround 25% area of Pakistan is cultivated and the country has one of the world’s largest irrigation system.

Pakistan is among top ten countries, regarding major crop production.

Highlightes as per Economic survey of Pakistan.

During 2017-18,agriculture sector recorded a remarkable growth of 3.81%. The crops sector performed well and witnessed a growth rate of 3.83 percent against the last year’s growth of 0.91% cotton crop production managed to exceed last year’s production level by recording growth of 11.85%. Live stock having share of 58.92% in agriculture and 11. 11% in GDP, recorded a growth of 3.76% compared to 2.99%during corresponding period last year.

Source of Employment.

Pakistan as a developing economy the employment on a consistent level has much importance. In this behalf, agriculture has much importance because it provides employment directly or indirectly to the public. Employment directly affects the GSP of the economy as well as the per capita income with the increase in per capita income living standards increase, higher hygienic facilities and better education facilities are also increasing.

All these signs are factors of economic development. So, we can say that agriculture has a great contribution to economic development by providing employment.

Food Requirement

The population growth rate of Pakistan is increasing rapidly. According to UNDP (united nations development programe) human development report, the population growth rate of Pakistan is 2% per year. So with the rapidly increasing population the food requirement is also increasing rapidly.

In this behalf agriculture is the only major sector which is meeting the increasing requirement of food. It also reduces the import of food from other economies.

So, we can say that the agriculture sector is playing a very vital role in the development of Pakistan by providing food for massive population as well as supporting economic growth. “

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