Causes of Terrorism in Pakistan
Causes of Terrorism in Pakistan

Causes of Terrorism in Pakistan

 Causes of Terrorism in Pakistan :

Terrorism is a complex phenomenon hence it has multiple factors behind it. In Pakistan following are some causes of Terrorism.

Sectarian killings.

Sectarian killings in Pakistan started after the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and afghan war. Among these events the impact of Iranian revolution and the empowerment of Shia community by the Iranian of soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the role played by Pakistan in soviet afghan war and introduction of islamization policies by zia ul haq are the most prominent factors. Thus, after the introduction of zia islamization policies, the Shia mobilizes themselves and marched toward Islamabad to show the strength and demand their rights. This highly organized movement was named as Tahrik I Nidaz. They demand that every Islamic school of thought should be free to govern it self according to their own interpretation of what Quran and Sunnah said . This mobilization of Shia community after Iranian revolution cause sizeable dismay to many sunnies, and sipah I sahaba was established in 1985.

The militant clashes between sunnis and Shia started since early 1980s. Data from the south Asia terrorism portal (SATP) demonstrate that there has been an upward trends in the number of individuals killed and injured in sectarian attacks in Pakistan from 1989 to the present. Indeed, the number killed and injured annually has not dipped below 500 in the last 12 years, demonstrating a startling level of consistency and indicating the long running nature of this problem.

What is noteworthy about the sectarian attacks in recent years is that they have become increasingly deadly. In fact the number of total sectarian incidents has decreased since their high point in the early to mid 1990s.

The 1990s saw tit for tat killings between sunnis and Shia, often carried out by the extremist sunni group sipah e sahaba Pakistan (SSP) and the extremist sh, I group sipah-e-, Muhammad Pakistan (SMP).


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