Education in Pakistan
Education in Pakistan

Education in Pakistan

Heading :Education system in Pakistan.

Education is a provincial subject as a result of the 18 constitutional Amendment legislated by the parliament during April 2010. The ministery of education and trainings are and standards in higher education at the federal level coordinates with international development partners.. Public sector formal school system consists of 12 academic year. It starts from primary and ends at intermediate level or higher secondary school certificate (HSSC).

Private sector, one third enrolled children, following either public sector national curricula or that of Cambridge international examinations.

1:primary and secondary Education :

There are 146,185 formal primary schools in the country, 42,147 middle level (lower secondary) and 29,874 secondary schools. 75% are public sector schools, 10% private sector schools, other deeni madressahs and non formal basic education systems.

2: Enrollment in Middle schools:

Total 6 million with 57% boys and 43% girls enrollment in secondary schools, 2.8 million with 58%males and 42% female.

3 Non. Formal Basic education :

There is an intensive network of non formal basic education institutions for out of school children, 13,000 basic education community schools BECS are functioning with enrollment of 0.6 million. BECS are financed by the federal government and operate directly under MET&SHE.

4.private sector contribution in primary Education :

At the primary level, overall, 4.8 million (34%) children of 5-9 years age group are enrolled, 34%of them are boys and 33% of them are girls.

5:Religious Education (Deeni Madaris).

According to NEMIS(national educational management information system) data, at present, the total number of deeni madaris in Pakistan is 13,240. These madaris are run by five different WAFAQS(governing bodies). A total of 1.79 million students are enrolled in these institutions featuring 1.1 million boys and 0.66 million girls.

National Education policies.

: The National Education policy (1998-2010)

: The National Education policy (2009).

:Education sector Reforms (2001-06).

:National plan of Action for EFA(200 – 15)

:provincial Education sector plans

:free education and incentives to Enhance Enrollments and Retention

: The National plan of Action for Accelerating Education Related MDGs  2013-16.

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