Emerging Trends in Pakistan s foreign policy
Emerging Trends in Pakistan s foreign policy

Emerging Trends in Pakistan s foreign policy

Emerging trands in Pakistan foreign policy:

“Pakistan today is at war within, while isolated. It’s independence and sovereignty stand compromised. It’s economic weekness are forcing us to go begging bowl in hand, while foreign states undertake unilateral strikes on its territory and non  state actors use it as a sanctuary to pursue their own agendas, oblivious to Pakistan s national interests”

Keeping this perspective in view, the first important foreign policy objectives is to safeguard Pakistan s security and eliminate the growing culture of extremism, intolerance and violence from the society through concerted political and military strategies and a policy of non interference in the affairs of other countries.

Henceforth, top  priority will be accorded to country s own security rather than the agendas and priorities of other countries.

The second important objective is to make economic revival and sustained development. The center piece of our foreign policy. A persistent low rate of growth, an average of less than 3 % our the past six years. Has not only increased our dependence on others but also widened the gap between expectations and reality.

The third important priority of a peaceful neighborhood automatically flows from these two objectives.

Fourth pillar of this vision is to turn Pakistan s strategic geographical location from a liability in to an asset through trade. Transport and energy connectivity with China, central Asia and west Asia. This is turn could also help to re balance our geo  stratigic and geo economic priorities.

As strong points are always decisive in navigating plans on national and international fronts, China Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC), being strong point in reviving Pakistan economy, is all set to play anchoring role in New foreign policy.

The US and west has always asked Pakistan to do more and the accusations of deception, lies and providing safe haven to terrorists are few of the allegations that the US has continued to level, putting Pakistan in to difficult situations.

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