Factors behind weak Democracy
Factors behind weak Democracy

Factors behind weak Democracy

 weak Democracy.

Following factors are responsible behind the poor performance and failure of democracy in Pakistan.

1.Electoral Reforms

The election process in Pakistan is one of the key reasons for the failure of the democracy. To elaborate, the result of general elections 1977 were widely contested. The opposition alliance known as PNA(Pakistan national Alliance) not only rejected the results but also, took to streets In a country wide agitation movement launched against their defeat against, Bhutto (Pakistan people party).

So much so that, the democratic process was suspended, once again, by dictator s intervention, owing to the deteriorating law and order situation.

Similarly, fast forward to 2013, the election results were challenged again by opposition parties, where by  Muslim league gained the majority. The opposition parties Pakistan Tehreek e insaf PTI in particular once again chose street agitation to protest against election results and alleged rigging.

Illiteracy and  Education crisis.

According to the economic survey 2017-18 Pakistan s literacy rate is 58%..ironically  a country which recognizes literacy as any person who can read and write a paragraph in any language, democracy cannot take roots. As the adage goes “Democracy is not a process, it is a culture”. For democracy to take roots in the society, the society should be well versed with democratic norms and high moral values, a common awareness of their rights and duties

Devolution of power.

The essence of democracy is empowerment of masses at the grass root level. That is, the establishment of local government system. However in Pakistan the duties of local government system have been taken by the assemblies. In addition to the legislations assemblies also perform the duty of resource and fund allocations a task originally designated to local government systm.

Unfortunately, the last elections of local government system held in 2015 were initiated by the Supreme Court, at the first place.

Secondly, the local government setup installed, as a result of courts orders, is tooth less in comparison to the same system installed by Musharraf s regime. Wherein, local government system had far greater fiscal authority, as compared to the present mechanism, which serves under provincial chief Minister and finance minister.

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