Global leadership
Global leadership

Global leadership

Global leader ship.

The United nations was envolved to act as a tangible force for change and future-making to ensure the systematic safeguard of humanity from the scourge of wars global peace human security and a sustainable future for all on this planet.

Looking at the contemporary world of acclaimed democracies peace and national security of the states almost everywhere frustration cynicism and political endemic persist political reasoning enforced by unilateral elite judgements views humanity just in a passing phrase for noble ideals of democracy and systems of governance devoid of legitimacy and public interest.

We the people must be conscientious and attractive to a moral and intellectual compass of global political governance. We are moral human beings a creation of God created for a purpose of human life.

It is obvious that facts and truths vary in time and space human destiny and casualty but human consciousness is waking up to the challenges of the 21 century defining the world of destiny and pulsation and the world of global conflicts and tensions the world as we see it linking us all into the nature of things of which we are an essential part we the people at the heart of ghr God given universe must seek our unity in changing fortune of time and space or we could be destroyed by our obsessed ignorance and arrogance governing the global politics and humsn affairs.

Leaders failed to lead us to any viable destiny for future making. We must use an inward moral intellectual and spiritual eye as being the chief creation of the God ti articulate a new culture of human communication to resolve problems across all the people and lsnds and to record e we equal rights peace and security to all not the few arbitrarily conducting the UN speaking forums. Recall that during the two world wars across Europe millions and millions of innocent civilians perished in aerial bombings political tyranny and forcible displacemenS.

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