Ideology of Pakistan and Allama iqbal
Ideology of Pakistan and Allama iqbal

Ideology of Pakistan and Allama iqbal


Allama iqbal was the first person to present the idea of a separate homlend for the Muslims of sub continent. This idea was so powerful that, it changed the course of history. Allama iqbal ideal of a state free fromĀ  hindu majority, resonated with the general sentiment of Muslims and, it stemmed out of the far sightednessb of sir Iqbal. As he was a proponent of two nation theory in political discourse, Allama iqbal aspired the”preservation of Muslims culture, heritage and political influence from India s hindu majority population “.

Separate Recognition of Muslims.

Allama iqbal was against the congress, especially its policy of confusing nationalism with geography. He said “India is not a country” it is a sub continent of human beings belonging to different languages and practicing different religions. Muslim nation has its own religious and cultural identity “.

Seprate Recognition of Muslims.

Allama iqbal spent a considerable time in west, where he studied their culture political system. Democracy lost its charm in iqbal s mind but political power is inevitable for a nation to survive. Iqbal said” To my mind government, whatever its form, is one of the determining forces of a people s character. Loss of political power is equally ruinous to a nation s character”.

However, in sun continent in present scheme of things democracy will usurp the powers of minority(Muslims) at the hand of majority(Hindus).

Concept of separate Muslim state.

To safeguard Muslims identity and culture he gave the roadmap. Iqbal said. “Whatever India gets independence under the crown of England or out of it, I think independent state of western provinces is the destiny of the people living there “.

Acclamation of idea of single Nation.

Allama iqbal further added”i remained the supporter of this idea but now I am of the view that preservation of separate nationhood is useful for Hindus and Muslims birth. To have the concept of single nation in India is no doubt poetic and beautiful but impractical regarding present circumstances “. (march 1909 when iqbal refused to address a meeting held by minvra Raj Amritsar).


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