Natural resources of Pakistan
Natural resources of Pakistan

Natural resources of Pakistan

Heading :Natural Resources of Pakistan.

Natural resources (economically referred to as land or raw materials) occur naturally within environments that exist relatively un disturbed by mankind and are in a natural form. A natural resource is often characterized by amounts of biodiversity existing in various ecosystems. Natural resources are derived from the environment. A natural resource is anything people can use which comes from nature.

People do not make natural resources but gather them from the earth. Examples of natural resources are air, water, wood, crude, oil, solar energy, wind, energy, hydro electric energy, and coal.

Rich in natural Resources But poor in their Management.

Pakistan is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of natural resources but also one of the poorest among them in their mangmant. The country is abundant in the vital resources including that of energy, agriculture, minerals, population, and geography, but unlike the developed countries, these have not been properly exploited due to poor management. This dismayed situation is caused due to several, both chronic and acute, flaws which have led to poor governance of country since its inception except some brief spells of economic prosperity.

Prevalent political rivalry and instability, worsening law and order and rampant corruption have catalyzed the situation to resources development impasse. Contrary to economic potential of its natural resources, Pakistan is a depending on foreign aid and debt, it is facing deficit in trade, acute energy crisis to run industry, and water stress for agriculture, to name a few challenges.

Pakistan is rich in diverse natural resources. Pakistan s human resources include a population of intelligent young people and a burgeoning urben middle class. The culture, knowledge, wealth, and infrastructure are sure to grow and improve in the near future. This combined with its prime location will lead to long term success for the nation. Pakistan has an abundance of natural resources.

Nature has blessed the country with many types of fossil fuels which if utilized properly can reshape the country and put the country on a path to prosperity. However, political instability, corruption and lack of law and order in the country has prevented full use of such resources.

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