Pak-China Geo-Economic collaboration
Pak-China Geo-Economic collaboration

Pak-China Geo-Economic collaboration

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There are serious concerns within the Pakistan regarding the discriminatory policies of the US towards it. The US president Barack Obama visited India twice in his tenure enhancing trade and business ties between the US and India.

Both sides pledge closer cooperation on defense, economic and civilian nuclear issues and the US repeatedly endorsed Indian s bid for a permanent seat at the United nations security council (UNSC).

The US policy of building a stratigic partnership with India is motived by its desire to limit the role of China in the south and south East Asia by  encouraging India to play a proactive role in the Asia pacific region. This premise would marginalise Pakistan and that would not be helpful to promote regional security. In the post Р9/11 period, the rising waves of terrorism have posed a major threat to the security of the both countries.

China is providing military assistance to Pakistan to counter terrorism. Both Pakistan and China are closely coorporating in promoting regional peace and security, especially in the context of Afghanistan.. The stability in Afghanistan is vital for both Pakistan and China since they share a common border with the war – ravaged country and the presence of terrorists safe havens on the afghan side of the border threatens their peace and stability.

Both Pakistan and China believes that the solution to the afghan conflict has to be fundamentally political rather than military and support the Afghan – led and afghan – owned peace process through dialogue.

In April 2015, on the eve of President Xi jinping visit to Pakistan, both governments announced an economic and a trade corridor. With the CPEC, transportation in the bilateral relationship is underway. Large – scale investments by China state owned Enterprises in infrastructure and energy projects imply that Beijing will prioritize the tragectory of economic relationship between both nations.

Capitalizing on existing stratigic partnership, China intends to connect with Pakistan US$300billion economy.

The magnitude of the CPAC initiative makes it clear, consisting of three interconnected north south routes, it is intended to upgrade transport infrastructure, boost energy production and industrial capacity of Pakistan.

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