Society of Pakistan
Society of Pakistan

Society of Pakistan

Society of Pakistan :

Pakistan was created in 1947,after a long struggle by the Muslims of South Asia, aspiring to find a homeland. Majority of the population in Muslims with others in minority. Although, the main binding force of Pakistani society in religion, the country ethnically diverse being a pathway to many conquests.

1. Salient Features of Pakistani society.

Religious uniformity.

The religious composition of the country s population is rather uniform, with a 96 % majority Muslims population,the remaining 4% are equally devided among Hindus and Christians. However, interesting differences among the provinces emerge. While the NWFP (including FATA) and baluchistan show percentage of Muslim population close to 100,

Punjab has a relatively high percentage of Christians (2.3) and sindh an even greater percentage of hindus (6.5). Minorities include Hindus, Christians and zoroastrians.

Deversity of Ethnicity.

The politically and economically dominant province of Punjab was also the one with the biggest share of the national population, 56%. It was followed respectively by sindh (23%) NWFP and FATA(16%) and Baluchistan (5%).The ethnic composition of the population reflects broadly the above mentioned population distribution across the four provinces.

Unity of family structure.

Traditionally, the extended family is the basis of the social structure and individual identity. It includes the nuclear family, immediate relatives, distant relatives, tribe members, friends, and neighbors. Loyalty to the family comes before all other social relationships, even businesses. The family is more private than in many other cultures. Families are quite large by western standards, often having up to 6 children.


The official language is urdu, but English is widely used. Regional language are Punjabi, pashtu, sindhi, and sariaki. There are numerous local dialects.

Dress and Diet.

Although there are many staple dishes In Pakistan, cuisine can very greatly depending on geography. Meat is halal and has been slaughtered in line with Islamic restaurants curry dishes are common, as are a variety of vegetables, including potatoes, eggplant, and okra. Each region has its own preferred mixture of spices the term masala is used to describe such a mixture.

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